June 6, 2023

Visualizing Decentralized Data with the Kwil Database Explorer

Luke Lamey

Today, we are unveiling the Kwil Database Explorer: a new user interface for developers, database administrators, and everyday users to visualize relational data on the Kwil network. Following the release of the Kwil SQL syntax expansion earlier this month, the Database Explorer also helps stabilize the development experience on Kwil, allowing teams to track real-time database updates and view important database metadata. This release is another tool to enable decentralized databases to continue to become a robust layer in the Web3 development stack.

You can try the database explorer for yourself here: https://explorer.kwil.com/.

Database Explorer Homepage

The Need for Data Visualization

The Kwil Database Explorer represents a significant step forward for tracking and visualizing data on Kwil. Previously, data could only be retrieved via one of the Kwil SDKs or the Kwil CLI, limiting how users could see and track their data on Kwil. With the launch of the Database Explorer, we are empowering users with a straightforward Graphical User Interface (GUI) to manage and interact with their databases on Kwil.

Furthermore, the Database Explorer allows searching for databases using an Ethereum wallet address or Kwil database identifier. A core benefit of Web3 is data composability. On the public Kwil network, developers can easily compose on other network data, helping bootstrap their application with rich and insightful datasets. The Database Explorer allows users to search for public data sets, assisting developers in finding new data for their dApps.

Searching for Data Sets

In addition to viewing data, developers can use the Database Explorer to execute actions, fund accounts, and view other relevant database metadata. With the Kwil Database Explorer, we are bridging the gap between traditional database management systems and the future of Web3.

Next Steps

Over the next few months, we will continue releasing new features for developers building on Kwil.

Whether you are building a data analytics platform, a decentralized identity solution, or a decentralized social media network, the Kwil network promises to help take your database management to the next level. If you have a project that could benefit from Kwil, we are ready to support you. Join us on our Discord or email us at help@kwil.com. Let’s build the future of decentralized data management together.