Web3 Native Decentralized Databases  

Kwil is a framework for deploying relational databases as stand-alone byzantine fault tolerant networks.

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Kwil is a permissionless relational database designed for dApps and decentralized platforms, facilitating the development of innovative, data-driven Web 3.0 applications.

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Kwil databases are decentralized, byzantine-fault tolerant blockchain networks. Each Kwil database network is its own sovereign blockchain, and manages data with SQL.


Deploy relational databases as independent, BFT networks

Kwil provides applications the tools to deploy decentralized networks that can store relational data compliantly, privately, and securely.
Deploy nodes based on geographic requirements, enabling compliance with privacy regulation (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, etc), low latency, and high performance.
Sovereign Network A
Sovereign Network B
Sovereign Network C
Each Kwil network runs its own sovereign network, allowing the network deployer to decide who can participate (public vs. private), set access control, and use any token.
Connect your Kwil network to any external data source, and have secure, deterministic compute on the data.

Why Kwil

Byzantine Fault Tolerant
Kwil networks will continue to operate even if some nodes fail or act maliciously.
SQL Driven
Data on Kwil is stored and retrieved via SQL, the most widely known query language.
Kwil is highly extensible, allowing developers to implement custom authentication, business logic, and more.
Dedicated Blockchain
Kwil networks run their own blockchain, giving you full control over who can (or cannot) run nodes.

Sample Use-Cases

Decentralized Identity
Web 3.0 Data Providers
Decentralized Social

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We offer competitive salaries, 401(k), health/vision/dental/life insurance, and a chance to help build the future of data storage. Join us in building the first decentralized database that will power the next generation of Web3.